Established in 1995, Simeri Oy is an expert in Aerial work platforms. We started as the official maintenance partner of lift manufacturer Genie Industries. After obtaining a high level of Genie expertise, we also started focusing on exploring the products of other manufacturers. Now Simeri Oy has strong know-how on all lift brands. Thanks to our nationwide network, we are close to our customers everywhere in Finland and Estonia. We can provide you with small and large installations, troubleshooting services and inspections from deployment inspections to the inspection of dismantled machines.
We provide installation of steel structures, fall-protection systems and glass maintenance equipment. In installations, we are focused on demanding high-altitude installations. Simeri Oy in brief: A family company with long traditions in the Aerial work platform industry. Industrial management as the area of specialization in lifting devices. More than 50 employees in nine locations in Finland and Estonia. Our area of operation: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania We are pleased to have you as a customer of our cost-effective and reliable organization.

Simeri Oy was founded



The business mainly involved in the maintenance and inspection of personnel lifts. Turnover 2.1M EUR.


Lift Sales

Lift sales as part of the core business. Turnover 3,5M EUR.

Genie collaboration

Official Genie service provider. Turnover 7,2 M EUR.


Snorkel representation

Official Snorkel service partner. Turnover 12,5M EUR

Nagano and Snorkel

Official representation of Snorkel and Nagano in Finland and in Baltics. Turnover 13,5M EUR.


Simeri 25 years


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